Big Beetles

Guardians of the nature

Journey to blockchain

Welcome to the wonderful world of Big Beetles!

Step into the digital realm and explore our unique collection of stunning digital artwork featuring large beetles. Each digital image is a one-of-a-kind piece, securely registered on the blockchain, and comes with a unique code, ensuring digital ownership.
The Big Beetles NFT collection has captured the attention of enthusiasts and collectors with its captivating and distinctive designs. Each image holds its own special value and can be traded as a digital asset.

Image of NFT Big Beetles Image of NFT Big Beetles Image of NFT Big Beetles Image of NFT Big Beetles Image of NFT Big Beetles

Ownership and Rights

Ownership of a Big Beetles NFT confers the buyer with the permanent, non-exclusive rights to display the artwork associated with their NFT in any digital setting. There are no link curves here. Buying Big Beetles costs 0.01 ETH in the first step of selling. There are no price tiers.
According to our roadmap, it seems fair that the membership fee should be the same for everyone in the first step.

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The Big Beetles Specs

Our collection of big beetles portrays the incredible diversity and beauty found in nature. We have five different types, each with its own unique and captivating colors, showcasing the stunning variety present in the natural world. From the iridescent shimmer of the rainbow beetle to the deep, rich hues of the midnight beetle, every specimen in our collection is a work of art. These magnificent creatures serve as a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us, and we are proud to share them with enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
Our NFTs utilize the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-721 standard, providing a unique digital asset for each NFT with smart contract verification for immutability and ownership.

Animated gif of beetles

Cultural background

Beetles have been revered as symbols of strength, resilience and guardianship in most world cultures throughout history. They play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and protecting forests from harm. However, with the increasing threats to the environment, including deforestation, climate change and pollution, beetles need assistance to continue their important work.

Ancient cultural picture of beetles
Ancient cultural picture of beetles
Ancient cultural picture of beetles
Ancient cultural picture of beetles
Ancient cultural picture of beetles
Ancient cultural picture of beetles

The Story of Big Beetles

Once on a nature trip, we were saddened to see the harm some people were causing to the forests. Witnessing this destruction was truly disheartening. However, among the beauties of the forest, we came across a large number of magnificent Big Beetles that gave the forest a special beauty and were patrolling like nature guards. It was a very attractive scene. Inspired by their resilience and presence in nature, we started research to create the Big Beetles collection. This collection is not just a product of creativity, but a tribute to the importance of preserving our natural world. Through our designs, we aim to capture the essence of these remarkable creatures and raise awareness about the need to protect our forests and wildlife.
The Big Beetles NFT Collection tells a symbolic story about the journey of beetles as guardians of the nature on the blockchain. Each NFT in the collection features a unique beetle design that represents different species and their role in safeguarding the environment. The accompanying narrative describes the beetles' efforts to preserve nature and their plea for assistance from people worldwide. The story is well-written and beautifully captures the essence of the beetles' mission.
This story aims to increase awareness about the significance of preserving nature and forests. By highlighting the magnificence and importance of beetles, this collection intends to encourage individuals to take action to protect the environment and support conservation efforts. The ultimate goal is to inspire people to appreciate and cherish nature and to contribute towards safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Roadmap activity

We’ve set up some goals for ourselves in multi-steps. Once we hit the target sell-through every step, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

The first step of selling

In the first stage, we will release 1100 NFTs for sale. Our initial focus will be on building and expanding our Twitter community and whitelist. Once the whitelist reaches capacity, we will exclusively list 1100 NFTs for sale to whitelist members at a designated time. After the initial sale phase, any unsold NFTs will be made available to the public. Moreover, during the first stage, a lucky Big Beetles NFT holder will be randomly chosen to receive a prize of 1 Ethereum.

The second step of selling

In the second step, we are thrilled to announce the launch of 1100 new Big Beetles NFTs, with 1000 available for sale. The remaining 100 NFTs will be randomly distributed among existing Big Beetles holders at the conclusion of the sale. Additionally, one lucky Big Beetles holder will be randomly chosen to receive 1 Ethereum as a special reward.

The third step of selling

In the third step, we are excited to release 1100 new Big Beetles NFTs, with 1000 available for purchase. After the sale concludes, the remaining 100 NFTs will be randomly distributed among existing Big Beetles holders. Furthermore, two lucky Big Beetles holders will be randomly selected to each receive a prize of 1 Ethereum.

The fourth step of selling

In the fourth step, we will randomly distribute 100 special Golden Big Beetles among 100 active Big Beetles holders. These unique beetles are initially valued at up to ten times more than other beetles, giving their new holders the flexibility to set their prices accordingly.


Every three months,
50% of the profits from the past three months will be allocated to a charity or social organization to support public interests and improve local and global communities.
30% of the profits will be shared among Big Beetles holders
as well as new benefits and offers that will increase over time as the Big Beetles community grows.

Our Team

Our team is a family affair, with a dad and his two daughters joining forces to bring you the fabulous Big Beetles collection. it is a real family affair – picture them teaming up to create this collection.

Siamak (the dad): Founder, Team Lead, He's not just an aircraft engineer; he's also skilled in PHP programming, graphic design, painting, caricature, and photography. His heroes? Darwin and Da Vinci, the OG multitaskers.

Molood : Co-Founder, Artist, A pro graphic designer who can whip up visual identities with her eyes closed, and she's not too shabby with a paintbrush either.

Moones : Co-Founder, Artist, She's studying industrial design, but that's not all – she's a talented painter and a singer with a delightful voice. Talk about a triple threat!

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